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Mangosteen Fruit Research, Articles, & Resources

Growing collection of reports, articles, and resources regarding mangosteen, Xanthones, and their beneficial properties in relation to inflammation and disease...
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Kate Moss has a new passion -- for mangosteen juice. With reputed
weight-loss and anti-aging benefits, this miracle juice is packed
with powerful antioxidants and vitamin C.
An article in LOOK magazine
(a UK publication) that shows Kate Moss looking great after a month
of mangosteen. (PDF Format)

Deadly Dangers May Be Lurking In Your Nearest Pill Bottle (PDF Format)

Time Magazine "The Secret Killer" 
The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and Heart Attacks, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and other diseases and what you can do to fight it.

Body Heat
News Article:  Inflammation has been linked to diseases from Alzheimer's to cancer, and the list just keeps swelling. (PDF Format)

C-Reactive Protein test to screen for heart disease: Why Do We Need Another Test?
Harvard Health Letter Article:  The predictive powers of a cholesterol test only go so far. If your LDL is low, your C-reactive protein may be a better sign of impending heart trouble. (PDF Format)

Improving Health Through Nutrition - No Quick Fix
When recommending dietary supplements to persons with health deficiencies, one of the most common questions we'll hear is, "How fast will this stuff work?"

Researchers are linking inflammation to an ever-wider array of chronic illnesses. But treatments that block the inflammatory response can backfire. Newsweek (PDF Format)

A Summary of 31 Mangosteen Studies
Narace D. Seudeal, Ph.D. (a Ph.D. in Clinical Biochemistry) reviewed 31 selections of mangosteen xanthones research articles and condensed the main conclusions in an easy-to-read format with the least technical jargon possible, yet keeping the integrity of the medical findings intact.

Scientific Studies of Garcinia Mangostana L
A compilation of scientific studies found at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, ( National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Study on Liver, Stomach and Lung Cancer Treatment with Xanthones
Paper:  Garcinone E, a Xanthone Derivative, has Potent Cytotoxic Effect Against Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines (PDF Format)

Study on Allergy and Pain with Xanthones
Paper:  Inhibitions of Histamine Release and Prostaglandin E2 Synthesis by Mangosteen, a Thai Medicinal Plant (PDF Format)

Study on Human Breast Cancer
Antiproliferation, antioxidation and induction of apoptosis by Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) on SKBR3 human breast cancer cell line
Journal of Ethnopharmacologym, January 2004
(PDF Format)
Also click here for 6-Page Paper

Optimization of Xanthones for Antimalarial Activity: the 3,6-Bis--Diethylaminoalkoxyxanthone Series
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, January 2002, p. 144-150, Vol. 46, No. 1

Researchers Find Diabetes Trigger, Possible Fix
ARTICLE from The Boston Globe, January 31, 2004
By Raja Mishra, Globe Staff --

Development of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Subcommittee and CAM Guide for Providers -- See bottom of Table 3 on Pg. 254 (page 3 of this 7-page PDF document)
ARTICLE from the Academy of Managed Care PharmacyApril 2005,V ol 11, No. 3 Intermountain Health Care (IHC) has published a new Physicians Guide for evaluating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Our product has now been included in this journal as an "acceptable or neutral product."

Mangosteen Plant Tree and Growing Facts:
Click Here & Here

Meet the Mangosteens
A great article about this relatively new fruit. (PDF Format)

Forbidden Fruit: Something About a Mangosteen. 
Article featured in The New York Times and Gourmet Magazine. (PDF Format)

Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana)
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NOTE: This web site is for educational purposes and does not endorse or promote any specific commercial product or company. It is merely a web site sharing resources and info about mangosteen fruit and Xanthones. Mangosteen is a fruit. The xanthones from the mangosteen have been shown in laboratory studies to be powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and to have other special properties. However, laboratory results do not guarantee the same will happen in the human body. Mangosteen is a supplement and not a drug; therefore, no one can say the mangosteen will cure, treat, or prevent any specific condition or symptom. The United States government, however, has determined and stated: increasing the amount of plant-based foods and supplements in our diet improves our health and decreases the incidence of chronic disease. Nothing on this site is meant to guarantee or imply you will receive any benefit from the consumption of mangosteen. Look at the available science on the mangosteen and then answer for yourself...Does mangosteen make sense for you? If you have a health challenge, be sure to always discuss it with a trained medical practitioner.


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