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Lead Capture Pages - How Can You Promote Them?

Most home based business owners know the importance of developing multiple streams of income rather than “putting all their eggs in one basket.” With MLM lead generation, rather than multiple streams of income, we want to create multiple streams of traffic to our lead capture page. The more traffic you drive to your lead capture page, the more leads you’ll generate.

So you've got your lead capture page all built and squared away and are ready to start generating your own company specific MLM leads.

Where do you start to advertise and how?

Well let me put it to you this way... As a network marketer you should be very familiar with the phrase "Multiple Streams Of Income" am I right? As a home based business person it's important to develop multiple streams of income so that when one stream dries up you'll have another to fall back on. The same applies to MLM lead generation but instead of multiple streams of income we want to create multiple streams of traffic to our lead capture page. The more traffic you have the more leads you will be able to generate.

So where do you find traffic and how do you know if it's going to be any good?

First let's talk about some of the traffic scams to avoid.

#1. Guaranteed Visitors

This is usually garbage traffic and not worth your investment. Guaranteed visitors are usually delivered to you in the form of popups or popunder advertising. With the web browsers we have today and their built in popup blockers these ads are rarely seen by most web surfers. This is probably one of the biggest pitfalls to avoid when spending money to market online. It will deliver very little response.

Be careful when you choose the
traffic generation methods you will use
to drive traffic to your lead capture page.

#2. SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent source of quality traffic. The only problem is that there are so many snake oil salesman out there trying to sell SEO services that the market has become incredibly diluted not to mention competitive. Lead capture pages provide little more then self promotional content and are extremely difficult to rank in search engines. This is coming from someone who holds several #1 positions for keywords in Google so I am not new to the game. I've seen plenty of Network Marketers get taken by some of these shady firms.

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Lead Capture Pages - How Can You Promote Them?

#3. Email Blasts

This is yet another pitfall you'll want to avoid. There are literally thousands of companies offering email blasts to marketers. They will usually offer to mail your ad to a specified number of opportunity seekers. The major problem you'll encounter is SPAM complaints. It doesn't take very many of these for a company to terminate your distributorship. You don't like receiving junk mail so what makes you think others do? There are better ways to market then email blasting.

Side Note: If a company contacts you because they have found one of your online advertisements and they are pitching their own campaigns back to you how well do you think their marketing works if they have to chase clients?

Now let's talk about some of the traffic methods you should consider for your lead generation campaign.

#4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

With this type of advertising you can bid on a particular keyword and your advertisement will display in the search results whenever somebody searches for your keyword. When a visitor clicks on your ad it will cost you money (you'll set the amount of your bid). This type of marketing is extremely targeted as you are dealing with search traffic.

Pay-Per-Click marketing is very attractive to marketers promoting some of the direct sales opportunities that pay large commissions of $1000 or more as the ROI can be very high. If you had to spend $300 in pay-per-click to make a $1000 sale I would do that all day long. People are catching on though and the market is getting competitive. Expect to pay upwards of $1.00 per click to be on some of the more desirable keywords. When promoting on PPC search engines having top notch lead capture pages targeted to your keywords is a must if you want the absolute maximum response.

A simple small ad in the newspaper directing
potential prospects
to your lead capture
is all that is needed.

Some great PPC Networks are Google Adwords, Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing, BidClix, Miva & Enhance. There are several others but the aforementioned is where I would start my research.

#5. Newspaper/Magazine Advertising

This is a form of tried and true advertising perfect for the purpose of lead generation. Print ad's have been around for decades and were being used even before the Internet if you can believe it! In this day and age to many home business entrepreneurs get caught up in all of the hype surrounding the Internet they often leave some of the best advertising honey holes untouched.

I would find it extremely hard to believe if your county, city or town did not have one or several smaller local publications put out by various groups in the community. These are excellent sources of advertising. They are inexpensive, you can reach a wide spectrum of readers and they are going to be local to the area you advertise in. A small simple ad in the paper directing potential prospects to your lead capture page is all that is needed....

Lead Capture Pages

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Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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