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How Can a Lead Capture Page Increase Your Advertising Response?

You have no need to break the bank while effectively advertising your business opportunity. You can generate a continuous flow of extremely responsive real time leads into your email Inbox with a custom Lead Capture Page of your own.

You probably already know that if you're planning on making it to the big time with any network marketing business opportunity that you are going to have to advertise at some point.

It's inevitable you'll need a constant flow of steady, targeted leads for your program and you'll have to advertise to generate them. There really isn't anyway around it so you'll have to get used to the fact that it's going to take a little money to get that ball rolling.

However... Advertising your business opportunity doesn't have to break the bank and when done effectively. The right tools can be a sure fire way to inject super responsive real-time leads into your email inbox.

One of the most common mistakes an MLM or network marketing newbie makes is trying to use their replicated affiliate website for advertising campaigns. This poses a major problem if the goal of your advertising campaign is to generate fresh real-time responsive leads for your product or opportunity. Most replicated MLM websites do not have the provisions to actually capture a lead.

You'll scare your prospects away by
burdening them with too much information
up front. You want to provide only enough 
to learn whether they are interested or not

Sure... They provide a lot of great information to a prospect... But this poses another problem in itself especially if you're advertising on the Internet. Prospects don't want to read a whole pile of information up front just to find out if they are interested or not. You'll scare them away if you do this. When you bombard someone with information you can create confusion. A confused mind almost always says NO!

There is a simple solve to this problem and it's called a Lead Capture Page. This is a short snappy page designed for the task of doing one thing. Generating you a fresh real-time lead for your business opportunity. Lead capture pages are simple, attractive one page websites that will have a just a few short paragraphs of text in total.

Lead capture pages aren't meant to bombard a prospect with information. They are built to provide the prospect with just enough information to make them curious and actually entice them into requesting more information through the form on the lead capture page.

Like Bill Gates says... "Simple is always better" And the same rule applies when you're trying to advertise you MLM or Network Marketing opportunity. Don't bombard a prospect with every single ingredient your product may offer. Don't confuse the daylights of the poor prospects mind trying to explain your compensation plan, either.

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The lead capture page should be designed around a few key points about your product or business opportunity. It should be simple for a prospect to read in its entirety in 30 seconds to a minute. You're looking for the prospect to make the decision on their own to learn more... that's it.

If your prospect cannot read your entire lead
capture page in 30 seconds or less and make
a decision on whether or not they would like to
learn more, you have given them too much info.

By simplifying your marketing message with a well designed lead capture page not only will you have more people paying closer attention to your advertisement you'll also have more prospects submitting their information to your page and becoming fresh real time leads for your business.

If you're advertising a well designed lead capture page targeted for the specific market you are going after you can bet that your response rate will be significantly higher. You'll actually have something tangible from your efforts. A massive list of fresh names waiting to be contacted by you....

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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