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Branding Yourself to Succeed as an Internet Marketer
by Ed Hodgson

This same question keeps coming up from newbie internet marketers:

What about the competition?

I personally had these same questions when I first started making money online. By using attraction marketing, you learn how to brand yourself.

People looking to start their own business often find themselves stuck in that place where hesitation, based on un-real fear, stops them from taking any action whatsoever. Their dreams of becoming an online entrepreneur are therefore stopped before they even begin and all the idea ever amounts to was no more than a pipe dream.

So your biggest question is probably along the lines of, how do I compete with experienced internet marketers and be successful?

This is really quite easy to deal with. Once you understand a bit about attraction marketing, you will understand a little more about how people think.

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My answer in short assumes that you understand that people deal with other people that they either have something in common with or that they like about them:

You Are Unique! Let me explain. If people do business with those they can relate to in some way, it should be easy to see that there is no competition if you market yourself as a brand.

If a potential customer can relate to you, or feels an affinity with you because you have been open with them, then you have the basis for attraction marketing.

Just be you.

By doing this, you will begin to form relationships with your prospective buyers. Once they are comfortable with who you are, because of the way you have been branding yourself, they will be far more open to what you have to offer.

When applied to business, this is a far more effective way of attracting people to what you have, rather than blasting people with a blatant sales pitch right at the start.

With a hard sell, a customer will probably ignore you. Im sure you dont enjoy a hard sell put on you!

You will be far more successful in generating an income online by using attraction marketing and branding yourself. Once you have done this, your potential customer will decide for themselves if what you have is right for them.

So in summary, to deal with the competition, be yourself, to attract those who naturally relate to you and your unique personality, and you will soon realise that there is no competition.

Branding yourself, using attraction marketing, means people who relate to you will buy from you and those that relate to someone offering a similar product or service will buy from them.

If you can accept this aspect of human psychology, then by branding yourself, the idea of competition stops being a reason to achieve your goals in creating a substantial income as a successful internet marketer.

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About the Author:  Ed Hodgson mentors newcomers to the industry how to succeed with internet marketing. He mentors how to brand yourself using attraction marketing to be able to stay ahead of the masses and prosperously build a profitable online income. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service.

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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