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-----------Guerrilla Marketing Bomb Shells (GMBS) & the Ground Force Team



I truly appreciate your taking the time to find out about this -- you will discover it is worthwhile to you...

If you have ever been serious about selling anything, you've probably heard of the Guerrilla Marketing books by Conrad Jay Levinson... and if you've ever been serious about marketing anything on the internet, you've probably heard of Mark Joyner.

Well, the two of them have put their heads together to start a new company of their own called Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells (GMBS)! See the information and links to more detailed explanations below to find out what it is exactly all about.

The new company is at Phase II Pre-Launch (until Oct. 15, 2002)... You may have even already received an invitation from others to join under them...

But let me tell you why you should join under me!

I first received an invitation to join GMBS directly from Joe Vitale. But I've been very busy with my other online endeavors, and hesitated to jump into something new, even at the bargain intro price...

Then I received a second invitation...

First a word of explanation... I purchased a book about marketing CASHevolution by two guys named Randy Delp and Joe Garis. I was extremely impressed with its advice (applicable to any online business, not just CE -- see it at http://cash-ev.tripod.com/lk/id23.html ) and I proceeded to radically revise not only my CE website, but my main coaching website, according to what they suggested.

So, when I received the below invitation from them (because I was on their list of affiliates for the CE book), and saw what amazing, valuable resources they have put together to help members of their Ground Force team market this new business, I knew that THEY were the ones who could help me be successful if I decided to give it a try.

PLUS -- THEY signed up under Joe Vitale WITHIN 1/2 HOUR of his first announcing it to his list -- putting me (and thus, you) HIGHER up in the matrix under Joe Vitale than I would have been if I had just joined under his first invitation randomly... because I did not even see his email until many hours after he sent it out!

Since I joined the Ground Force team, Ive since already been seeing classified ads for GMBS and received several other invitations... but I'm SO glad I got in under the Ground Force team!

You see, I have been putting the same kinds of ideas together for my CE business, and at Joe Vitale's first invitation to look at GMBS, I felt daunted at recreating the same thing for a new business all over again, all on my own -- but these guys have done it FOR me (and EVERYONE ELSE who joins the Ground Force team), and they've done it MUCH better than I'd know how to!

So, below, I've put together for you the emails I've had about the Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells Ground Force so far. Plus, an email from Mark Joyner I received today.

YOU are getting the up-to-date INSIDER SCOOP on whats going on the best that I can report it!

I hope you will decide, LIKE ME, to join for the REFUNDABLE  $3.95  pre-launch phase to at least secure your place high up in the matrix -- you can always drop out later...

However, I'd RATHER have you join ONLY if you believe this is an opportunity you would enjoy taking and running with.

The way I saw it when I decided to take the plunge, the brand name of GUERRILLA MARKETING is a HUGE PLUS -- putting that together with Mark Joyner's online marketing *STAR* reputation, I figure they must have come up with something REALLY good to warrant starting their very own network marketing company for it!

The other greatest benefit for joining the Ground Force team under me is that I am a Personal Breakthrough Coach... I never thought I'd get involved in network marketing at this point of my life... but I've realized that having my own network marketing organization is a win-win proposition for me and for everyone in my downline... I will be writing articles and plan on conducting teleclasses to help you work on your INNER blocks to success, free and EXCLUSIVELY to members of MY downline!

So, together with the incredible power of the Guerrilla Marketing/Mark Joyner partnership, the SOLID marketing advice available through the Ground Force team, and the inside-out-success personal breakthrough coaching you will receive from me, YOU will have the BEST CHANCE for success with this opportunity!

Please take a serious look at Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells and at joining with me on the Ground Force team!

If you'd like to know more about me before deciding whether I am sincere or not, please see more of this website -- I tell my personal story in quite a bit of detail on the following pages:

Me, Part 1: Key to a Happy Life
Me, Part 2: You Are the *Magnet*
Me, Part 3: Living Happily Ever After!

Again... PLEASE take a serious look at Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells and decide whether its a fit for you to join with me on the Ground Force team!



FIRST CONTACT from the authors of the CASHevolutionMarketingGurus book designed to promote CASHevolution:

--- "CASHevolutionMarketingGurus.com" <listadmin@cashevolutionmarketinggurus.com> wrote: (on Friday, 9-27-02)

What you are about to read is something that I am incredibly excited over. It is one of the most incredible opportunities to knock at our door in a long time.

Mark Joyner and Jay Conrad Levinson, two of the greatest marketing minds of all time, present: "Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells". The most insanely lucrative business opportunity ever! Packed with the most highly valued products on the internet, along with a gorgeous 2 x 15 forced matrix, with "long term potential" of over $100,000 per month.

fortunately for you, Joe Garis and I, authors of "confidential CASHevolution Marketing Secrets Exposed," and cashevolutiondownlinebuilder.com, have secured our place very high in this brand spankin' new matrix.

In fact, we have signed up under the one and only, Joe Vitale! An incredible marketer in his own right. And plan on some great spillover from his part as well.

But,it's vital that you sign up now during the pre-launch phase.

You'll be given an opportunity to promote GMBS before the launch and pre-build your matrix. Pre-launch and launch dates are: (click below for answer).

The product will be in high demand by anyone who wants to generate more profit from their business. In fact, it will only take 28 minutes a month. (That's less than a minute a day.)

Read more here:
[ Laurie Kristensen's GMBS Ground Force site:  

All the best,

Randy Delp


SECOND CONTACT after I joined GMBS under the above Ground Force team:

--- admin@gmbsgroundforce.com wrote: (on Saturday 9-28-02):

Hello from Joe Garis and Randy Delp, your Ground Force team leaders!

We would just like to warmly welcome you to the GMBS Ground Force team.  I must say that you have made a very smart decision in joining GMBS through this team and I believe we will be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

As you already well know, this team is committed to being hard-working, determined, teachable, and honest.  We firmly believe that if everyone on this team shares their knowledge and teaches one another, works hard and never gives up, that we will achieve success in GMBS in a very short time.  Most people join a network marketing business and expect to sit back, do a little work, and get rich.  Unfortunately, that is not at all the case.  Success requires hard work, determination, and the will to learn and apply as much as possible.

These concepts lay the framework for this team.  We have established forums so that everyone can learn and teach.  Weekly newsletters have been established to keep the team together and provide encouragement and the chance to learn new strategies.  Finally, the co-op ad opportunities have been established to allow team members to not just blindly walk into the world of advertising on their own, but to instead join forces and together enter the world of advertising.  These things are what will make this team strong and allow us all to achieve massive success.

We have made access to all of these team resources as easy as possible by providing one stop access to everything through the GMBS Ground Force team members site.  Here are the details for gaining your full access to the members site.  Please keep these details safe from others as we dont want outsiders gaining access to our teams resources.

Members site:  [withheld -- ONLY for Ground Force team members!]

User Name:  [withheld -- ONLY for Ground Force team members!]

Password:  [withheld -- ONLY for Ground Force team members!]

Welcome again to the GMBS Ground Force team! 

We look forward to working with you and much future success!

All the best,

-Joe Garis & Randy Delp


[Note to You from Laurie: The plan is to promote GMBS sign-ups under yourself directly -- the co-op advertising options on the Ground Force site are designed to promote the Ground Force team website and create spillover (so far there are several FREE options being suggested, and later there may be a chance to go in all together and purchase some co-op advertising). I created my own Ground Force site by opening a new account with Tripod free hosting, and once I picked my template, I was able to just copy and paste the whole Ground Force web page into an Ad Text box and then edit the link at the bottom to go to my OWN officially coded hop-link for signing up for GMBS... I can help you with that if you need me to!]


THIRD CONTACT from Mark Joyner with important information on what is happening, what is planned, and how to market this business:

--- Mark Joyner <support@guerrillamarketingbombshells.com> wrote: (on Monday 10-1-02)

Hi Laurie,

Just a quick note here to keep you up to date with what's happening at Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells.


1. Overview - The Bombshell Explosion, My New Book, and more...

2. Your Stats

3. Marketing Focus: What to do... What not to do...

4. What's the Next Step? <--- IMPORTANT


1. Overview - The Bombshell Explosion, My New Book, and more...

Want to see some Guerrilla Marketing in action? Well, it's actually my own blend of Guerrilla Marketing and Internet Marketing. More on that in a second...

I have to say, the support we've been generating for the Bombshells in just these last few days is far more intense than anything I've seen to date. People are excited about this new fusion of Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, and Direct Marketing. (Tom Wood and Brett Rademacher sure are. They are two of the top builders working hard for you. I had dinner with them on Saturday and they are *fired up* about this new concept.)

The last few days have been quite intense around here at Aesop since the launch of the Bombshells. My new print book "MindControlMarketing.com" comes out on Amazon tomorrow, as well. All of the press that's been circulating around it will be used to drive more interest in the Bombshells - and all of those new sign ups will be placed right back into the matrix.

If you want to see some Guerrilla Marketing in action, just watch the sales for my new book on Amazon tomorrow. After you buy your own copy, check the rank of the book. Then keep checking it every hour:


This will give you an inkling of the marketing muscle behind the Bombshells...

Spread this information to your friends so they can watch it as well. Then, once they've seen what we can do, tell them to sign up for the Bombshells if they want to learn how to get those kinds of dramatic results.

2. Your Stats

While your full stats will not be available until Phase III, we've created a place where you can check your current number of direct sign ups:


Remember, this won't reflect spill-over. This only reflects the number of people who clicked on your link and signed up.

Spill-over will be calculated daily when Phase III begins.

You should also be getting your sign up notices now. I am sorry it was not working over the weekend. We're happy to say there were no tracking errors, though. You should be getting your notices in real-time from now on.

3. Marketing Focus: What to do... What not to do...

First, let's make it clear up front what the focus of this program is: the Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells product.

We don't want a swarm of amateurs flooding in expecting "free spill-over". We want professionals who:

a. Are interested in a product that will increase their sales. (and/or)

b. Are willing to promote this product like crazy.

I see a few guys out there advertising guaranteed spill-over. Not only is it illegal to make that promise, it's also not the way we do business here. That's not our focus.

With that said, clearly we are targeting the MLM-promoter type in the early phases here before the product is released.

But, ask yourself: do you want a guy in your matrix who is going to sit around and wait for spill-over (and then quit when he doesn't get it), or do you want a guy who is willing to work to build your matrix with you?

The answer is obvious.

In Phase III, we'll be focusing more on people who genuinely want this product. That will make the bottom rows of your matrix that much more solid.

But, meanwhile as we are here in Phase II...

4. What's the Next Step?

While we have at least two weeks now before Phase III, you have a great opportunity in front of you *right now*. You're probably already getting a sense of how big Bombshells is going to be. Early placement is obviously important for the network marketer who wants to try for a large matrix (with a maximum payout of over $100K per month, it's easy to understand).

See section 1 above. At the end of that section, I outline a really aggressive tactic you can use to give people living proof of the value of this product.

They'll be able to see first-hand how powerful the Bombshell marketing muscle is. Then, once you've shown them the high sales rank on Amazon for my book tomorrow (you'll see - just watch), the sale of GMB should be easy. Just say, "If they can do this in one day, imagine that same marketing muscle promoting this matrix every single day. Don't you want to be part of a matrix like that?"

Just wait till you see the great promotional ideas we have in store for you! Give that one a shot and let me know how it goes.

All the best,


Mark Joyner
CEO, Aesop.com
Author, MindControlMarketing.com
Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells



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