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-----------CASHevolution Correspondence

From: "Lil Sawyer" <lil@homecomputingservices.com>
To: "Laurie Kristensen"
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 13:34:04 GMT
Subject: Week of July 22nd

Good morning team,

If you are receiving this email message, you are part of my downline. I have had the privilege to communicate with a number of you via email over the last week or so.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each of you for taking the first step by becoming a member of the CASHevolution team.  You are all brave and courageous people to have taken the risk of joining so early in the release of this program.  A risk I believe will pay off for you in the very near future.

I would like to congratulate Amanda Smith and her team for doing such a wonderful job of spreading the great news the Cashevolution opportunity.  You go girl!!! Way to go to Amanda's team!!!  Amanda, if you are able to, could you please share with the rest of us some of the secrets to your success.

A number of you have asked me how it is going with recruiting and with earning commissions.  First, I am expecting my first pay cheque on August 1st and it should be between $400-$500 US, so it's working for me. I am pleased as punch! Secondly, getting others to see the vision.  Let me say that it is not easy for a number of reasons; 1) most people find it too good to be true; 2) time is not right, 3) they have a fear of the Internet (cyberspace??) and 4) they have tried a number of things and it has not worked for them, plus a thousand other reasons. Keep in mind that when most people say "no", they are just saying "not now" (timing not good) or "I need more information to make a decision".  Try to figure out which of those category they fall under and treat them accordingly.  Over the weeks ahead I will give you some suggestions on how to handle folks in these two file folders.  If you are new to CASHevolution, just file the "no(s)" away for now and keep looking for the folks for whom the timing is right and they can see the information available and are able to make a decision now.  There are lots of these folks out there, just waiting for you to change their life. My life will change as I start earning $500+each month.  I know when your best friends and relatives say "no" and then proceeds to tell you all the things that are wrong or potentially illegal about this opportunity that it can be very discouraging.  Thank goodness I joined before I started talking to some of the folks I know.  Let's just say that it is with great pleasure, there I will be sending copies of my pay cheques to in the months ahead to some of these folks. Some people just need proof before they will take action.

Please keep in touch and have a great week.  Wishing you a prosperous week.



Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 20:15:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Laurie Kristensen"
Subject: Re: Week of July 22nd
To: "Lil Sawyer" <

Hi Lil, it's very nice to hear from you! And very good to hear you are already expecting a very nice check!

I am curious about how far below you I am in your matrix, and also how far below Joe Vitale and Mark Joyner.

I sent an introductory letter to the family and friends I thought might be AT ALL open to this, and they are FEW because my family has seen me flop with too many other companies, and I don't have many friends at this point in my life, even though I am in the process of changing that. But I did send a letter to two discussion lists that I am on, which are open to sharing things regarding prosperity consciousness. I included my personal link to Mark Joyner's web page containing his special report.

I then added banners for the main CASHevolution website to several pages of my own website, and then after I had sent out the letters, I adapted a version of it for a special page on my site and added a blurb above each banner that leads to that page, which then links to Mark Joyner's special report.

But my main focus is trying to get my practice as a coach/healer started, as outlined on my website, and I'd also like to create income with my art and photography.

I truly HAD sworn off network marketing, but what made me decide to try this one was 1) the respect I have for Joe Vitale and the chance to be in his downline, and 2) the forced matrix.

I am open to learning ways of promoting this opportunity to strangers IF they are not time-consuming or cost much at all (nothing would be even better)! I'd love to hear any ideas! If I can truly see that this is working, I will be more willing to devote some time to it, because my biggest wish is to create financial independence, and be able to do art/photography and coach/heal more for the fun and worthiness of helping others, than relying on it for income, or at least alleviate some of the pressure and need to rely on it for that.

I'd also be interested in your opinion on how long it might take for any spillover to reach me from the efforts of yourself and Joe and even Mark.

Thanks for sending your email, it feels good to know you're out there somewhere behind me and that I might actually get some good coaching from an upline leader!



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